How To Care For Your Tatting Shuttles

Cleaning/polishing: Both brass and sterling silver shuttles can be polished with a jeweler’s polishing cloth (also sometimes called a rouge cloth, and available at many retail stores). Alternatively, an ammonia-free cream polish that contains jeweler’s rouge (such as Wright’s Silver Cream) can be safely used on either metal. For general removal of oil and grime, a non-citrus dish soap is recommended. Beware of chemical dips or wipes, as they can microscopically damage the metal and ultimately make it tarnish faster. Be similarly careful with all-purpose metal cleaners commonly recommended for brass (such as Brasso, Bar Keeper’s Friend, etc.)—many of them are abrasive and will ruin the finish on your shuttle. When in doubt, please contact me, or else consult a professional jeweler or metalsmith.

Tension adjustment: Shuttles come with written instructions explaining tension adjustment, but if you would like a visual demonstration, please see the video(s) below.